The Stance Angle Chair, used with the Taskmate it is a back pain relieving chair system!



The Stance Angle Chair will do what no other ergonomic-task chair will; move in an infinite variety of positions while remaining on task.

Stance Angle Chair

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    SIT                       KNEEL                   STAND

The Stance Angle Chair is a back pain relieving chair which allows users to change their position often and work a full day without pain! It provides an ergonomically correct workstation environment for people who must work long hours at their computers. For back pain relief - this chair is the one chair that truly provides the back pain relief that computer users have long been looking for. Many accessories are available for the chair with a full line of taskmate accessories!


The TaskMate is a powered adjustable monitor stand which raises and lowers the monitor, keyboard & mouse. Many accessories are available to enhance the TaskMate system and they are shown on the following pages.


Please contact us to order a system - or with any questions you may have.  Pricing can be obtained by emailing us or calling 973-713-5155.  Ad Magic Inc is an authorized distributor of the Stance Angle Chair and the TaskMate System.





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